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The Book of Hebrews: 
Christ is Superior 


Bible Class


Christ.  He is My Lord.

The book Christ is a thorough study of what the Bible teaches about the Son of God. By looking at Jesus through the Old and New Testaments, this volume details the person of Christ (true God and true man), his death and resurrection, his threefold office (Prophet, Priest, and King), and his work (redemption) in an easy-to-understand approach. The book asks the question, Who is Jesus Christ? and shows that the answer guides our view of all other biblical teachings.


Men's Breakfast Bible Study 


The Gospel of John
Bible Information Class (BIC)

Will Resume in 2018
Building on Grace
Laying the Foundation for Faith

 If you want to build a house, you need a solid foundation and blueprints.  If you want to build your faith, you need Jesus and
His Word.  This class lays the foundation for your faith and studies the Bible to find out what God's will for our lives looks like.