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  Bible Studies  
Weekly Classes

Christian Education Hour

Will begin 1.7.18

Year Building 

We will be conducting 4 workshops on Sunday mornings (9:15-10:15) to help you plan a faith-filled 2018. 
Included in these workshops will be special focus on: 

REFINING PERSPECTIVE - Time is a precious commodity.  If we don't use it wisely we're likely to waste it.  In this session, we'll examine what the Bible says about time and how we should use it.  

DEFINING SUCCESS - "Success" can be a tricky word.  In this session, we'll examine what God considers success by studying his will for our lives and discussing how we can do it. 

RESOLUTIONS - Everyone seems to make resolutions this time of year.  What would be good resolutions for Christians to make?  What stands in our way of keeping them?  How can we overcome those obstacles?   

PLANNING - After discussing the challenges and goals that a new year presents, it's time to develop an attainable, sustainable strategy.  

That's what this Year-Building exercise is all about - giving you the practical tools to tackle 2018 in faith.

Bible Class

Will begin 1.10.18 

Chasing After the Wind

A Study of Ecclesiastes


Bible Class

Will Resume in 2018


Men's Breakfast Bible Study 

Will begin 1.11.17

The Gospel of John
Bible Information Class (BIC)

Will Resume in 2018
Building on Grace
Laying the Foundation for Faith

 If you want to build a house, you need a solid foundation and blueprints.  If you want to build your faith, you need Jesus and
His Word.  This class lays the foundation for your faith and studies the Bible to find out what God's will for our lives looks like.


Young Folk
Bible Class

Prepared to Answer
Telling the greatest story ever told

This topical study provides a helpful model for sharing the Christian faith by supplying Scripture-based responses to common questions about Christianity. Some of the topics include: why bad things happen, why there are different denominations, interpretations of Scripture, abortion, miracles, creation, evidence of God's existence, and many more.