Reformation 500

  Reformation 500  

365 Days of Luther Quotes


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Christian Education Hour




A Brief Introduction to the Lutheran Confessions
This Bible study is written for people who have little or no knowledge of the Lutheran Confessions, is a response to a Christian layman's request that we spend time getting to know them.



Midweek Adult Bible Study




What's Going on Among the Lutherans?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the churches in town?  If we're all Christian, why can't we combine our efforts?  The answer can be traced back to Luther's Reformation 500 years ago.  This study will take a look at many of the church bodies that exist today and explain why they must remain separate and distinct from one another. 


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The Augsburg Confession

Through this Bible study course, learn how the Augsburg Confession (AC) of 1530, which is considered the chief confession of the Lutheran church, still holds relevance for present-day Lutherans.


The Formula of Concord

This Bible study course covers the Lutheran Confessions, the Formula of Concord, which was drafted by Lutheran theologians in 1577 in response to the difficulties and doctrinal problems the church was experiencing in the post-Reformation era. This document was seen as a way to unify the Lutheran church in regard to doctrinal issues of the times.


The Smalcald Articles Including "Contemporary Catholicism"

Participants in this study discuss one of the fundamental confessions of the Lutheran church, the Smalcald Articles written by Martin Luther himself.